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About: Alessandro/Alex Antiklesys Ancillotti

I have always been charmed by the pictures of David Lachapelle and Josh Rossi, but while they try to achieve what they want through composite photography, I tend to re-create in the set what I'm craving for. Lights, shadows and colors are the center of my universe and every small detail counts. My style is unique, but at the same time very wide and varying through different sets I shoot. I try to adapt at my best to the theme picked for the session in order to achieve an optimal result. I don't think photography is a way to picture the world as it is, but to show others the way I see it. It's a powerful tool which allows me to create beauty and manipulate what many perceive as an "absolute truth": the reality. In my opinion no such thing exists, the truth is what we choose it to be; that's our reality, that's our world. I welcome you to step into mine. - Alex