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Gig Photo Session
Gig Photo Session Title : Gig Photo Session
Price : £30
Are you in a band?
Want some professional looking pictures taken at your gigs or some promo shots done for your fans?

Included: Media with original low-res pictures and hi-res edited pictures (not all the pictures will be edited, just the ones I will judge being the best shots).

Due parallel commitments editing will take 1 to 2 weeks, shots are due to occur on weekends or evenings.

Duration of the session is 2 to 3 hours.

If there is an entry fee for the event you are playing at you need to provide me with backstage pass.

Check out the works I have done with bands here in Belfast:

Little Miss Stakes Photoshoot 2013

Little Miss Stakes at Pavillion

Maverick at Pavillion

Warcrux at Voodoo

Maverick at Voodoo

Retired Flag at Voodoo

September Cross at Voodoo

Should you be in need to cancel the session, the entire amount, minus a £10 booking fee, will be refunded back to you.
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